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Business Valuations

At Frenkels Forensics we have many years of experience in providing services to solicitors, barristers, businesses and private individuals across the UK in all types of divorce matters.

We are frequently instructed to provide business valuations in the matrimonial process.  This can be on behalf of one spouse to value a business or a private company that one of them holds shares in, and may be a majority shareholding or a small minority interest. We have built up experience in many different industries.  We also act as a shadow expert to one of the parties in circumstances when a joint expert has been appointed by the court we advise on questions to pose to the court appointed expert and advise on whether the valuation suggested is a reasonable one.

Recent examples include valuations of business start-ups, professional firms, restaurants, property businesses, building companies and garages.

We are often appointed by the Court as a jointly instructed expert and also on behalf of one of the parties.

In these matters we are used to working with large amounts of data, such as bank statements and business records as well as carrying out specific industry research.

Good to know

  • We regularly give evidence as Forensic Accountancy Experts on Divorce matters.
  • We accept both private and publicly funded matters and instructions.

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