When new technologies develop at pace, invariably so too will demand for specialist skill sets. A perfect example of this was the rise of big data and with it the desperate hunt for a ‘data scientist’.

Big data refers to the technologies that have emerged which now make it possible to store and analyse data sets that were hitherto too large, thereby opening up a realm of new possibilities in gaining insight and value from giant masses of data. But to exploit this value you need both the technology and the skill to do so, which has placed a premium on those highly trained in data analytics.

There has been a well reported skills shortage when it comes to data analytics, and it is not just businesses that are demanding the talent to be able make sense of data; it is also a trend that has been witnessed within the legal system.

At Frenkels Forensics we have developed a team of experts that specialise in computer forensics and data analysis because we recognise the importance of these skills within our wider forensic accounting services. Essentially, the ability to access data, uncover how and when it was created and determine the person who performed an action is extremely important – this is what Frenkels Forensics’ computer forensics service can do.

Legal disputes today regularly require financial documents from a hard drive or from files stored in the cloud. As each document created and any activity conducted within a computer leaves an audit trail that can be followed, our experts can reveal the truth locked within data to help settle court cases of many types.

Like businesses today, we understand the value that data holds and, moreover, the importance of having the skills on hand to extract that value.

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By Vitek Frenkel – find me via Google+.