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HM Revenue & Customs tax investigations can be extremely worrying and stressful for parties involved and it is important to obtain the correct professional advice.

Frenkels Forensics has significant experience and resources to assist both individuals and companies in all types of tax investigations and have helped many individuals and companies to reach an acceptable settlement with HMRC.

As forensic accountants we have the skills and knowledge to help you handle your case in the most appropriate way – and to assist in all negotiations with HMRC.  It is important to always have the right professional advice before entering into discussions with HMRC and Frenkels Forensics are able to help you reach a resolution that provides peace of mind.

Frenkels Forensics forensic accountants are prominent professionals in our field in the UK. With over 35 years of experience, our continued success is thanks to our commitment to seeking the best outcome for our clients through forensic accountancy excellence – ensuring first class service standards, every time.

We offer the following services to support our clients:

  • HMRC Investigations & Issues
  • Tax Planning
  • HMRC Clearances: Foreign Entertainers & Sportspeople

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