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When every detail on every case counts, you need a firm of forensic accountants you can rely on for outstanding expertise, clarity and a bespoke, high quality service. Contact Frenkels Forensics today to see how we can help.


Areas Of Expertise


Personal Injury

Frenkels Forensics has 40+ years of extensive experience in the calculation of losses arising from personal injury and clinical negligence claims and fatal accidents.

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Crime & Fraud

We have extensive experience in supporting cases involving proceeds of crime, fraud and criminal defence for defendants, prosecutors and employers and can also unlock information from sophisticated data and technology.

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We support commercial cases to bring a clear understanding of the legal and financial issues at stake with our established forensic accountancy experts – setting out the best position for you or your client.

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We are highly experienced expert forensic accountants in divorce investigation matters, known for delivering accuracy and clarity at all times in our financial disclosure reports. We’re also trusted expert witnesses when it comes to representing clients in court.

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HM Revenue & Customs tax investigations can be extremely worrying and stressful for parties involved and it is important to obtain the correct professional advice. We can help with any UK tax investigation to reach an acceptable settlement.

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About Frenkels


Specialist Forensic Chartered Accountants

Frenkels Forensics has provided a first
class forensic accounting service for over 40 years.

At Frenkels Forensics forensic accountants we are prominent professionals in our field in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, we are highly experienced and qualified in forensic accountancy and as expert witnesses to provide a tailor-made service to solicitors and legal professionals, insurance companies and private individuals.

We have extensive experience of supporting legal cases in the UK and internationally to bring a clear understanding of the legal and financial issues at stake thanks to our dedicated and established forensic accountancy experts.

We offer a broad range of forensic accountancy services from personal injury to business valuations, losses arising from mis-sold hedging products, commercial disputes, divorce investigations, fraud investigations, proceeds of crime, expert determination, tax investigations, professional negligence and computer forensics.

We undertake both civil and criminal assignments and act for defendants, claimants and as single joint experts and accept both private and publicly funded matters and instructions.

Contact us today to see how our experts and solutions can help your clients’ or your legal matter. We’re happy to help.

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