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Technology Related Crimes

At Frenkels Forensics we have many years of experience in criminal and fraud investigation matters. We provide forensic accountancy services to solicitors, barristers, businesses and private individuals across the UK. Our continued success is thanks to our commitment to seeking the best outcome for our clients through forensic accountancy excellence, avoiding standing still as a business and ensuring first class service standards, every time.

We have the expertise to secure, interrogate and extract digital evidence in order to support our client’s needs – either by verifying the approach taken by the Prosecution against an accused Defendant, or by assisting a client in identifying and establishing the extent of a computer-based crime committed against them.

Our largest case involved the analysis of data extracted from a national data-base in which we had to analyse over 100 million bits of data and present the case based on only the relevant information extracted from the database.  The matter went to court and the jury findings agreed what our detailed analysis had concluded.

We have the technology, the knowhow and the attention to detail required to handle vast volumes of data efficiently and effectively enabling us to get to a well-informed conclusion and opinion to assist our client in making the right decision in their case.

Good to know:

  • We regularly give evidence as Forensic Accountancy Experts on criminal matters.
  • We accept both private and publicly funded matters and instructions.

Please call us on 0330 118 8200, email help@frenkels.com or Make An Enquiry today for more information on our services.

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