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Ponzi Schemes

At Frenkels Forensics we have many years of experience in criminal and fraud investigation matters. We provide forensic accountancy services to solicitors, barristers, businesses and private individuals across the UK. Our continued success is thanks to our commitment to seeking the best outcome for our clients through forensic accountancy excellence, avoiding standing still as a business and ensuring first class service standards, every time.

We are usually instructed as forensic accountants on behalf of Defendants to consider the report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service. These reports usually claim that a Defendant has perpetrated a fraud on investors known as a Ponzi scheme. It is alleged that the Defendant has duped investors in to putting their money in to schemes based on the assurance of impossibly high returns on their outlay which then fail to materialise and thereby losing their investment. In these matters we are used to working with large amounts of data, such as bank statements and business records.

In our role as forensic accountants, we critically examine the basis of the Prosecution’s claim and in our report we examine the scheme in depth to determine whether the scheme was fraudulent or just a risky investment that did have the potential to succeed.

  • Good to know:
  • – We regularly give evidence as Forensic Accountancy Experts on criminal matters.
  • – We accept both private and publicly funded matters and instructions.

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