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Commercial Disputes

At Frenkels Forensics we have extensive experience of supporting commercial cases to bring a clear understanding of the legal and financial issues at stake thanks to our experienced forensic accountancy experts.

We have experience in a wide variety of general commercial disputes. Financial issues come in all shapes and sizes and our assignments have included:

  • Due diligence work on the potential purchase of or investment in a business. Too often do we see this aspect of work ignored and litigation follows when the books do not add up post investment/acquisition.  A thorough check of the activities of a target company cannot be recommended highly enough. We are regularly involved in advising clients after the event during the litigation process.  We are very used to seeing what can go wrong if matters are not dealt with properly from the outset.}
  • Assisting clients in finding out what has happened to their money. Such situations can easily arise where there is a lack of control over the family finances. We assist in advising what has gone on and more importantly how to take back control, thus preventing a recurrence of this problem.
  • Charity sector work: We have helped many beneficiaries to make sure that trustees are accountable for their actions and helping to bring pressure on them. We have even attended large charities’ board meetings to ask the challenging financial questions to the board of trustees.
  • Advising clients on cases involving fraudulent misrepresentation, dealing with both liability and quantum issues of losses that flow from the misrepresentation.
  • Clients being charged too much by lenders who have not adhered to the exact terms of the loan agreements.
  • Property partnership disputes where there is disagreement about expenditure incurred and allocation of profits on property gains. As these disputes are often between family and friends, delicate handling is regularly required. We are very experienced at applying discretion and sensitivity alongside accuracy and expert support.

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