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Below is a selection of some of the testimonials that we have received from the solicitors, barristers and direct clients that we have been instructed by.

“Thanks once again for all your time and efforts. Leading Counsel was again full of praise for your methodical and extremely thorough report, which assisted us greatly and helped us achieve the agreement today.”

“Leading Counsel found your reports/ addendums (and explanations) very impressive (as have I). It has been a pleasure working with you on this case and I am very grateful for all the hard work you have put in.”

“Leading counsel was full of praise for your report and the amount of work you have put in, as are we.”

“This claim was heavily reliant on accountancy evidence and…we felt we had the best team possible; and through your excellent work and collaborative approach we secured a very good result for our client.”

“Your advice has been invaluable in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion and I am very grateful for the time you have spent on the case.”

“Thank you ever so much for the work and advice you have provided . The report was clear and accessible and will not hesitate to recommend you all.”

“Thank you for your work on this case, it was hugely beneficial to enable our client to achieve a good conclusion to her case. Your calculations were very helpful and we achieved what we feel is a good settlement. Thank you for all your help with the case.”

“I am very pleased to confirm that we were able to reach terms of settlement at yesterday’s JSM. That was in no small part due to your outstanding contribution – both parties’ Counsel referred to your work as very impressive and it was fundamental to settlement being made possible yesterday. Once again, thank you for your work and thank you in particular for assisting us so promptly following the conference. It is very much appreciated and will be fed back to X (our client)”

“Thank you very much for this outstanding work, which has put us into a position to settle the case very favourably.”

“Many thanks to you and your colleagues for doing the near-impossible!”

“It was a pleasure working with you on what was a rather difficult case”

“I am indebted to you for your contribution, and for explaining things in plain English such that even lawyers can understand the issues.”

“I must thank you for your invaluable advices in the matter which enabled me to not only to serve a most cogent counter schedule, but were material in securing a realistic resolution in the matter.”

“In reference to our Ogden calculator – “This is the best thing ever”

“I am sincerely grateful to you, you are worth your weight in gold!”

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter. Counsel and the judge said that your report was one of the best they had seen in that it was concise and technically easy to understand.”

“I have valued your work and approach on the matter of X and learned a lot from you and so always keep you in mind when solicitors ask for a forensic accountant.”

“ABC Limited were simply brilliant from start to finish.”

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