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Media Work

Frenkels Forensics work in this field often comes to the attention of the media.

John Frenkel, our Senior Partner has:

  • Appeared on Sky News commenting on a betting company when clients lost millions following the collapse of the company.
  • Had a case feature on BBC Newsnight about how a charity’s funds were dissipated following the actions of a high-profile trustee.
  • Appeared on Channel 4 commenting on a company who does substantial business with the government but does not pay any corporation tax, sheltering its profits overseas.
  • Featured on national BBC radio on File on 4, commenting on how an overseas company manipulated its transactions with a UK subsidiary to avoid having to meet the pension deficit on its defined benefit pension scheme.
  • Regularly contributed to the national press, including the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail commenting on various issues, including the finances at Blackpool Football Club and a charity run by the former premier league footballer Didier Drogba.

Our Media Showreels

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