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Mis-selling of Interest Rate Hedging Products

Frenkels Forensics has advised a significant number of clients on the mis-selling of interest rate hedging products (IRHPs) by the banks by pinpointing the relevant losses.

These losses include not only those arising from the additional interest charged but also, and in many occasions more importantly, any consequential losses to the business.

Many businesses and individuals were aggressively sold hedging products such as interest rate swaps.  With banks not making clients aware of the full financial implication of the hedging products or the large exit fees or all the range of risk management products available at the time, many businesses and people have suffered devastating losses.

Our expert support typically involves:

  • Determining the cash-flow negative impact of the IRHPs, often over a 10-year plus period. Assisting in showing the causation effect of the additional IRHP costs and restating what the cash position of the business would have been.
  • Identifying the areas where the clients were unable to grow their businesses, eg property and hotel companies. Quantifying the losses arising as a result.
  • Identifying and collating all the evidence necessary to make a reasoned claim against the banks.
  • Our work was in the FCA process (as set up between the banks and the FCA) and continues for those cases that are being litigated in the usual way.

Other work in this field includes quantifying PPI claims where the banks mis-sold these products.

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