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General Advice

At Frenkels Forensics we have many years of experience in providing services to solicitors, barristers, businesses and private individuals across the UK in all types of divorce matters.

We regularly receive calls from a spouse who, having never been in this position before, often has a number of questions as to how a forensic accountant can be of assistance.

In some cases, our clients do not have a lawyer appointed to act for them so, we provide advice on what they need to do and, in some cases, we recommend the appointment of a suitable lawyer. In complex cases we often recommend an initial meeting (free of charge) to understand the detailed requirements of the matter and to reassure clients.

Good to know

  • We regularly give evidence as Forensic Accountancy Experts on Divorce investigation matters.
  • We accept both private and publicly funded matters and instructions.

Please call us on 0330 118 8200, email help@frenkels.com or Make An Enquiry today for more information on our services.

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