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Business Interruption Claims/Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) Claims

Frenkels Forensics acts for both insurers and insureds in valuing stock material damage and loss of profit claims following damage from insured perils such as pandemics (Covid-19), flood, fire, explosions, theft etc. Our work in this arena includes the following:

  • Utilising our expertise in dealing with the terms of the insurance policy insofar as it is relevant to the quantification of any losses suffered.
  • Reconciling stock losses to accounting records and annual accounts.
  • Identifying areas of loss of customers, market share, gross profit and variable overheads as necessary to determine an appropriate measure for recoverable losses.
  • This work also involves preparing reports for Court and giving evidence in respect of same, in the event that the parties cannot agree the losses.

CPO claims fall in a very similar category to insurance losses, with our role being to form a view as how a business would have fared in the future but for the damage, or CPO. Claims are based on statutory and legal bases specific to CPOs.

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