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Marc Clifton

Marc is a Senior Associate and is the firm’s IT and Data Analysis expert.  He is responsible for assisting Forensic Accountants in their cases by obtaining, collating, cleaning and analysing large amounts of data from a multitude of sources, so that they can understand the story being told by that data and provide their opinion as Expert Accountants.

As our IT expert, Marc leads on cases involving Digital Forensics (or ‘Computer Forensics’). Digital forensics often forms part of a larger matter where, for example, bespoke IT skills are required to get access to financial (or other relevant) data. This could include ethical hacking (to access data) to creating court ready, clear and fully audited reports on digital fraud (including bitcoin fraud).

Marc has been with Frenkels Forensics for over eight years and enjoys the incredibly varied work, ranging from ethically hacking mobile phones to uncover evidence of commercial impropriety, to the detailed analysis of over 90 inter-related bank accounts (some 40,000 transactions) in a complex money laundering criminal case.

Marc has been involved in a number of high profile cases, including a matter of fraud by staff at a large London-based transport authority and recently another matter involving analysis of the bitcoin blockchain for transactions linked to a convicted cyber-criminal.

Marc devised and created the original online Frenkels Ogden Calculator (a hugely successful tool that assisted with the calculation of losses).  This has since been replaced with the arrival of Frenkels Calculator.

He has attended court on a number of occasions and has given evidence under cross-examination.

Marc is a professional member of the British Computer Society and an accredited practising member of the Academy of Experts in the area of financial and data analysis.

Prior to joining Frenkels Forensics, Marc spent 17 years working with various law firms and motor insurers, within claims investigation, litigation and operations management.

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