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Vivian Cohen FCA

Vivian Cohen joined Frenkels Forensics in October 2008 as a Partner. He had previously been a director in the forensic department at Baker Tilly.

Vivian’s expertise as a forensic accountant spans 25+ years and he has a wealth of experience in many practice areas. He currently leads both the Matrimonial and Criminal service departments at Frenkels Forensics but also has considerable experience in other areas, including Personal Injury, Business Interruption claims and Loss of Profit Claims. His expertise in our relevant service areas includes:

Criminal Law Matters

Vivian has dealt with a number of high profile cases involving Ponzi schemes, Boiler room frauds and provided oral evidence in courts such as the Old Bailey generally on behalf of Defendants. Similarly he represents Defendants facing confiscation proceedings under POCA and again provides oral evidence in Crown Courts around the UK. Recent cases have involved identifying management theft from a large hotel and a well-known restaurant.

Divorce Matters

Vivian is regularly called upon to provide valuations of businesses owned by one of the spouses, usually as a Single Joint Expert. Over the years he has valued businesses including hotels, restaurants, accountancy firms, IFA’s, garages, plumbers, dentists, farms, shops, property companies and many more. Vivian is a member of Resolution and is familiar with the Collaborative process.

Personal Injury

Vivian is instructed on high value and complex personal injury cases (often involving high earners working within in a complex business model). He was the Forensic Accountant appointed to a case that resulted in one of the largest damages awards made by a Court – with a settlement of £20 million.

Professional Negligence

Vivian’s recent Professional Negligence cases have involved a footballer whose career in top-flight football was severely disrupted by botched surgery. Also, a case involving a solicitor whose negligence effectively bankrupted a previously successful businessman.

Expert Determination

Vivian receives instructions under the President’s Appointment Scheme from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in order to determine disputes between parties.

He has spoken at a number of seminars as well as to firms of solicitors where his witty anecdotes relating to his experiences and his more interesting cases are well received. He will always make himself available to undertake training to solicitors or other professionals who require a better knowledge of topics such as valuations or fraud.

Vivian regularly appears in court as an Expert Witness. Clients and the courts report that his evidence is provided in a clear and concise manner that is very helpful and well received.

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