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Eoin Tweeddale

Eoin’s specialist focus lies in civil and commercial disputes. He supported the development of a significant growth area for us over the last few years: the mis-selling of Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHPs or swaps) by major UK banks. Eoin is our go-to expert on cases that involved consequential or indirect losses to clients and assisted in obtaining settlement from the banks above the original redress amounts offered.

In one large and complex case, Eoin attended the House of Commons to strategically assist a client with an IRHP dispute by involving the client’s constituency MP. Eoin’s evidence contributed to the client being offered a settlement that was in excess of 150% of the amount previously offered by the bank.

Eoin joined Frenkels in May 2014. Previously, he has worked in practice as an audit and tax manager and as a financial controller in manufacturing and motor sports industries. Prior to joining Frenkels Forensics, Eoin worked in international construction claims, often based in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

As well as civil disputes, Eoin has assisted in many other types of work at Frenkels Forensics, including criminal defence and personal injury cases.

Why work at Frenkels Forensics?

“Frenkels has a very approachable culture. It is very easy to ask anyone there for advice on a range of subjects and for technical advice.”


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