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Pete Wildman

Pete first joined Frenkels Forensics in 1998, having spent six years working in the commercial claims and litigation department of an insurance company.

Since joining Frenkels Forensics, Pete has prepared hundreds of expert accountancy reports on a wide range of subjects, including commercial litigation, criminal defence, personal injury and divorce. Pete has also been heavily involved in the assessment of consequential loss claims arising from the mis-selling of structured collar products by UK banks.

He has proven skills in software development and has utilised this to develop both in-house systems at Frenkels Forensics and other commercially available case management systems for other companies.

Pete has been involved in a number of complex commercial cases in which it has been necessary to analyse large volumes of digital information in client databases. By utilising his software skills, Pete is able to streamline the analysis of millions of lines of data to look for potential indicators of fraud within an organisation.

Most recently Pete pioneered Frenkels Calculator; our online tool used by national claimant and defendant firms to automate some aspects of the quantification of special damages in personal injury cases. Pete is currently looking at ways of extending its functionality to give it application to an even greater number of cases.


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