Accident Claims; How To Handle Matters Post Injury

Accident Claims; How To Handle Matters Post InjuryHow often have you found yourself rolling your eyes at yet another personal injury claim advert? Often, the idea of seriously injuring ourselves in our office jobs or suffering from a disease as a result of clinical negligence can seem like an unlikely prospect.

However, the most common form of personal injury claim is something that many of us will have experienced: road traffic accidents. According to the latest personal injury claims data from the claims portal and the Compensation Recovery Unit, motor claims continue to account for the vast majority of claims, with 760,292 registered in 2014 compared to 101,569 public liability claims and 64,017 employers’ liability claims.

Whether it’s a car accident or a fall at work, deciding how to handle matters post injury can be difficult – especially if the event has caused significant financial loss or health problems. Victims need not suffer in silence though; forensic accountants can help with a personal injury claim to ascertain the financial loss suffered by the injured party.

Frenkels Forensics work alongside insurers and solicitors to formulate an accurate assessment of how much is really owed. Working on the side of either the injured party or the insurer, Frenkels Forensics is able to work out whether an injured person has been short-changed by those responsible for their accident, or whether an insurer has received an inflated claim. Of course, knowing that the financial compensation will be fair and accurate can be a major source of relief following an accident.

For expert financial help in managing personal injury claims contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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By Vitek Frenkel – find me via Google+. For expert help with a personal injury claim contact Frenkels Forensics for a professional and independent appraisal.

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