Digital Forensics Market Set For Substantial Growth

Digital Forensics Market Set For Substantial GrowthThe digital forensics market is set to experience substantial growth as it becomes an increasingly integral part of all manner of court cases both in the UK and globally, according to a new study.

Research firm MarketsandMarkets has predicted that the digital forensics market – which encompasses computer forensics – will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3 per cent between 2015 and 2020, eventually reaching a value of $3.21 billion.

The report, entitled ‘Digital Forensics Market by Component (Hardware, Software, and Service), Sub-Segment (Computer Forensics, Network Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, and Cloud Forensics), Tool Types, Service, Vertical and Region – Global Forecast to 2020’, states that the major driving forces in the growth of the digital forensics market are the rise in sophistication of digital crimes and the increase in internet of things.

It is trend that Frenkels Forensics has become very aware, with many of the cases the firm works on now requiring input from a computer forensics expert. That is why the company boasts highly skilled professionals that can supply this service above and beyond the forensic accounting that Frenkels Forensics is renowned for.

Computer forensics involves the analysis of all the information stored within a computer, not just the documents, to determine what actions were performed, when and by whom. Frenkels Forensics is instructed in many cases to produce a report on this data analysis to prove precisely how an act of cyber crime took place and who was responsible. This can involve decoding encrypted data and gaining access to well-protected or hard to detect files.

It is not just cyber crimes that require computer forensics though; with the imperative role technology plays in people’s everyday lives, almost all of our actions leave behind a digital footprint. Frenkels Forensics can follow this data trial to provide valuable insight into a case and help the correct settlement be reached.

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