Forensic Accounting

Forensic AccountingForensic accounting is a specialist area of accountancy. It involves collecting and analysing vast amounts of often complex data and presenting the findings in an easily digestible format for use in a legal context. Forensic accounting can assist with matters such as valuing a business, calculating damages in Court proceedings and working out the proceeds of criminal activity.

We are a leading forensic accounting practice in the UK. Founded over forty years ago by John Frenkel, our team of expert accountants regularly work with some of the UK’s leading solicitors’ firms, public bodies, insurance companies and businesses.

What types of issues can our forensic accounting experts assist with?

Our forensic accounting experts combine first-class accountancy knowledge with innovative investigative skills and commercial experience to help our clients with a wide range of issues.

We are the go-to forensic accounting practice in the UK for personal injury disputes, having assisted both Claimant and Defendant solicitors’ firms to understand the figures at the heart of their clients’ cases for decades. Our renowned ‘Frenkels Calculator’, developed in-house by our own accountants, enables us to prepare complex loss of earnings schedules quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the time we need to spend, and, accordingly, our clients’ costs.

Our industry-leading crime and fraud team bring inventive techniques and technology to Proceeds of Crime and other criminal and fraud matters. They swiftly retrieve, process and analyse huge amounts of data and pinpoint the sums attributable to unlawful activity.

We also have teams of forensic accounting experts specialising in the fields of business valuations, divorce settlements and tax, amongst many others.

What tasks do our forensic accounting experts undertake?

Our expert forensic accountants are all members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, with vast experience in all aspects of forensic accounting. We carry out a wide range of forensic accounting services, including:

• Preparing CPR Compliant Reports

Our forensic accounting experts are all conversant with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Rules and are routinely approached to prepare CPR compliant Reports for use in Court proceedings. We are adept at getting to grips with the figures in a case quickly, and our clear, straightforward Reports have been declared by a Judge to be ‘the best’ they had encountered.

• Preparing White Label Schedules

We are being increasingly asked to support our clients by preparing white label schedules that can be tailored to their needs. This approach enables clients to take advantage of our forensic accounting expertise while keeping costs down.

• Preparing Desktop Reports

In cases where a CPR Report has not been requested by the Court, we can provide a desktop report. Desktop reports are a cost-effective way of assessing quantum and facilitate meaningful settlement discussions.

• Acting as Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in many cases. Their evidence assists the Judge in understanding the figures that comprise the quantum element of a clam and the level of damages appropriate in the circumstances.

Our forensic accounting experts have acted as expert witnesses in countless cases and regularly attend trial to give their evidence under cross examination. We present our evidence in a comprehensive, robust manner, having regard always to the legal duties of an expert witness and the Court’s expectations.

• Calculating the proceeds of crime

Our crime and fraud team pride themselves on using cutting-edge technology to process and present vast amounts of data. We frequently support parties on both sides of criminal cases to quantify the extent of a Defendant’s gains from criminal activity. For example, we routinely work with Defendants’ legal teams to review the sums alleged by the Crown Prosecution Service to constitute the proceeds of crime and separate them from those made through legitimate means.

Working with our Forensic Accounting Experts

Our forensic accounting UK experts are solution-driven and fully committed to adding value to our clients’ cases. We tailor our approach to each client’s needs, often employing creative strategies such as writing new computer code to analyse the information where necessary. We ensure we are fully abreast of technological developments such as blockchain technology, so we can effectively interpret the relevant data when called upon to do so.

We strive to work swiftly and cost-effectively, providing as much or as little input as you require. We can support you throughout a case, or on an ad-hoc basis, as needed. We are proud to have received feedback from our valued clients praising our ability to explain complex calculations in ‘plain English’ and for achieving the ‘near impossible’. We provide a free, no-obligation fee estimate at the beginning of all matters and will keep you regularly updated on fees throughout.

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“Your report was a herculean task and put us in an incredibly strong position. Thank you ever so much for the work and advice you have provided . The report was clear and accessible and will not hesitate to recommend you all.”


“I am indebted to you for your contribution, and for explaining things in plain English such that even lawyers can understand the issues”


“It was a pleasure working with you on what was a rather difficult case”


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