Forensic Chartered Accountants for Personal Injury Claimants

Forensic Chartered Accountants for Personal Injury ClaimantsForensic Chartered Accountants – Personal Injury Claimants

Founded by John Frenkel over forty years ago, Frenkels Forensics Chartered Accountants is one of the leading forensic accountancy firms in London. At the heart of our practice is providing litigation support and expert witness services to solicitors’ firms specialising in Claimant personal injury matters. We are the go-to firm for Claimant personal injury solicitors and are proud to have received feedback from clients praising our ‘clear and accurate’ reports and our ‘outstanding contribution’ to their work.

All of our accountants are fully qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and have years of experience in assisting with personal injury cases of all complexities. We are adept at assessing all types of damages arising in personal injury claims, including:

• Loss of earnings claims.
• Pension loss claims.
• Victim’s compensation and dependent’s claims arising from fatal accidents.
• Lost years claims.

We utilise our own industry standard ‘Frenkels Calculator’ to produce detailed loss of earnings schedules swiftly and accurately. The calculator has been developed by our expert forensic accountants with the benefit of their vast experience in loss of earnings claims and is particularly useful in complex cases or those that include variables in future earnings. It dramatically decreases the time required to prepare complex schedules, thereby reducing the cost implications for our clients.

Personal Injury Claimant Specific Services

We offer a comprehensive forensic accountancy service to legal advisors acting for the full range of personal injury Claimants, including those that are employed, self-employed, partners, company directors, business owners and consultants.

A crucial element of any successful personal injury claim is being able to demonstrate loss and damage. Damages calculations are often technical and complex. They require a thorough understanding of the legal heads of damage and the Court’s approach to them, alongside the ability to produce easily digestible calculations and Reports detailing a Claimant’s losses. Our years of experience providing litigation support to Claimant personal injury firms and acting as expert witnesses make us perfectly placed to assist you in proving the quantum element of your case.

We can quickly identify and locate the information required to establish your case, and flag anything that might be missing. We will then prepare and present the relevant calculations in the required format, ensuring they are user-friendly and accessible. We will be on hand to explain how we have arrived at our calculations and answer any queries.

Our expert forensic accountants are fully conversant with the Civil Procedure Rules and regularly prepare CPR compliant Reports for use at trial. We appreciate that these Reports can sometimes be required urgently and are skilled at preparing complex Reports to tight deadlines.

We understand that there are cases in which a full CPR compliant Report may not be warranted or may not be sanctioned by the Court, but when forensic accountancy input is nevertheless required to understand the extent of a Claimant’s losses. To assist our clients in such cases, we are, therefore, pleased to offer a range of complimentary services in addition to our CPR reporting, including:

• White Label Schedules

White label schedules are particularly popular with clients. They enable you to benefit from our extensive experience and expertise whilst keeping costs down. We present our schedule on a white label basis into which you can insert the relevant calculations with the peace of mind that the schedule been prepared by a skilled forensic accountant who specialises in this type of work.

• Desktop Reports

As non-CPR compliant reports, desktop reports provide a convenient summary of the Claimant’s losses in a straightforward, cost-effective way.

White label schedules and desktop reports can be invaluable tools for solicitors seeking to understand the extent of their client’s damages claim and for use in mediations or joint settlement meetings.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find flexible solutions to our clients’ needs and will provide as much or as little assistance as you require to prove the Claimant’s losses. We offer a no-obligation fee estimate at the outset of all matters and will ensure your case is dealt with as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Single Joint Expert

Our accountants are regularly approached to act as expert witnesses in personal injury matters and have provided evidence at Court under cross examination, on numerous occasions. We understand litigation procedures, are familiar with the legal duties of an expert witness and adhere to all relevant guidelines. Where the Court has directed the appointment of a Single Joint Expert, we are happy to act accordingly on behalf of all parties.

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