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Forensic expert witnessA forensic expert witness in the field of accountancy plays a crucial role in many types of legal cases. At Frenkels Forensics, our leading forensic accountants regularly act as expert witnesses in a wide variety of matters. We have decades of experience and a proven track record of producing expert reports for use by the parties to the litigation and the court. Our evidence is often determinative of the outcome of a claim.

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The Role Of A Forensic Expert Witness

Many legal claims involve two aspects: liability and quantum. Liability establishes whether the defendant was responsible for the acts complained of. If they were, the quantum aspect of the claim will determine the amount of damages they must pay to the claimant.

A forensic expert witness in accountancy assists the parties’ legal advisors and the judge in understanding the financial aspect of a claim and establishing quantum. Examples of the types of tasks a forensic expert witness might undertake include the following:

  • Valuing a business for sale.
  • Calculating a personal injury claimant’s loss of earnings.
  • Valuing assets for the purposes of achieving a fair divorce settlement.
  • Assessing the extent of a defendant’s benefit under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  • Advising on the tax implications of a proposed business disposal.
  • Estimating a claimant’s likely future losses by considering multiple potential scenarios.

Our Forensic Accountancy Expertise

Many of our forensic accountants are recognised leaders in their fields. We are experienced in all areas of forensic accountancy, but have particular expertise in the following:

• Personal Injury Claims

We are recognised as a leading forensic accountancy practice in the field of personal injury. We have developed an outstanding reputation for our work with personal injury solicitors and barristers due in part to our ability to produce comprehensive loss of earnings schedules quickly and accurately. We achieve this through the use of our own industry-leading ‘Frenkels Calculator’. This cutting-edge software, designed by our own forensic accountants using their extensive expertise and experience, is capable of producing unlimited loss of earnings scenarios in a matter of minutes.

• Crime And Fraud Matters

We specialise in assisting defendants and their legal teams with claims under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). We are known for producing robust reports responding to the CPS’ claims regarding the benefit a defendant has gained through their criminal activities, which often significantly reduce the sums due.

• Divorce Financial Settlements

A fair division of a couple’s assets in a divorce depends on complete transparency by both parties regarding the extent of their wealth. We regularly assist clients in completing ‘Form E’, which is the central document in the financial aspect of divorce cases. When completing a Form E, a party is obliged to provide full and frank disclosure of their financial situation, including their income, capital, and assets. We also regularly assist clients by valuing a business that requires a valuation as part of the divorce proceedings.

• Commercial Cases

Businesses may require forensic accountancy input for various reasons, such as when considering the potential purchase of a company or to assess the losses flowing from a breach of contract. Our work in this area spans a wide range of issues, and our findings are often instrumental in avoiding or successfully navigating a dispute.

Our Forensic Accountancy Expertise

As part of our comprehensive forensic accountancy service, we undertake all types of work, including preparing CPR-compliant reports, drafting letters of advice, and producing white-label schedules.

A key element of our service is acting as forensic expert witnesses in court proceedings. Our forensic accountants regularly act as experts for both claimants and defendants, and often take on the role of single joint expert on behalf of two or more parties. Our forensic expert witness reports are not only comprehensive, but also communicated in plain English so the parties’ legal advisors and the judge can quickly grasp the financial aspects of a claim and make a fair assessment. We routinely attend court to explain our evidence and defend our findings under cross-examination. We understand the obligations of a forensic expert witness and act with the utmost integrity at all times to ensure our work is beyond reproach.

We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss how we can assist with your matter. Our policy is to provide exceptional forensic accountancy services at affordable rates. Our willingness to embrace new technology, coupled with our expertise and experience, enables us to work quickly and efficiently.

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“Your report was a herculean task and put us in an incredibly strong position. Thank you ever so much for the work and advice you have provided . The report was clear and accessible and will not hesitate to recommend you all.”


“I am indebted to you for your contribution, and for explaining things in plain English such that even lawyers can understand the issues”


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