John Frenkel on BBC Radio 4 – File on 4

John Frenkel featured on BBC Radio 4 – File on 4: How Safe Is Your Pension? (minute 30:00 onwards)

Programme details:
Following the BHS scandal, Allan Urry investigates other cases in which employees claim they’ve lost out because companies have ditched their full pension fund commitments.

It’s the job of the Pensions Regulator to ensure employers follow the rules and to protect the benefits of those who’ve been paying in. So how good are they at keeping your pension safe?

The programme untangles the complex financial engineering that goes on as some foreign investors try to wash their hands of any on-going obligations to their UK workforce.

And one former director whose actions cost a pension fund millions of pounds is confronted at his home.

Producer: Paul Grant
Reporter: Allan Urr

Credit: BBC Radio 4

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