Proposals to cap the amount of money that can be claimed from the NHS in medical negligence claims are facing strong opposition.

As the National Health Service finds itself spending an increasing amount of its budget on settling negligence disputes, the Department of Health (DoH) is planning to implement an upper limit to how much a patient can win.

The NHS paid out more than £1.1 billion on medical negligence claims in 2014/15 and the figure is expected to exceed £1.4 billion over the coming year, according to the NHS Litigation Authority. However, through its vast experience in working on medical and professional negligence cases, Frenkels Forensics knows that introducing a cap on medical negligence claims could prove very dangerous.

The DoH has written to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers to confirm that a formal consultation will be published in November and close in December. It is expected that they will do their best to derail the propositions, amid fears that it could prevent patients from receiving the compensation they deserve.

Forensic accounting can play an important part in assisting either defendants or claimants in a negligence case by carefully examining the full range of repercussions resulting from an act of negligence and demonstrating how this translates into things like loss of earnings, loss of pensions, diminished quality of life, additional costs and any other ways the victim might have had their bank balance or future earning potential damaged. This in turn will ensure justice is done and a fair settlement is reached.

Frenkels Forensics knows that every case is unique and needs thorough work to arrive at the right amount of compensation; adding a cap immediately creates the opportunity for victims to be short-changed.

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