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We have compiled a handy list of Pension Losses hints and tips for you, below, and are delighted to offer your team a FREE pension loss seminar, led by our experts at Frenkels Forensics.

Know  the difference between a final salary and a money purchase scheme, and their impact on quantum? Empower your team with our free pension loss seminars that deal with important points arising from pension losses, for both public sector and private sector schemes.

Our sessions are suitable for fee earners of all grades and are free of charge.

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Pension Losses Hints & Tips

1. Those in the public sector (e.g. NHS workers and teachers) will almost certainly be a member of their employer’s pension scheme and may well have suffered losses if they’ve been off work for a period.

2. Those in the private sector will almost certainly be a member of their employer’s pension scheme, under the recent Workplace Pension changes.

3. There may be pension losses in cases where a claimant has missed out on the opportunity of joining their employer’s recently established workplace pension.

4. Do not rely on quotations from pension providers: they invariably incorporate inflation and are therefore are not compatible with conventional multipliers as used by the Courts.

5. Life expectancy can affect pension losses.

6. Individuals can belong to different schemes, each with different retirement ages.

7. It is possible for there to be a pension loss claim without a loss of earnings claim, e.g. in cases where the claimant has moved from the public sector (with a final salary / CARE scheme) to the private sector.

We can provide CPR reports, letters with calculations or schedules only for insertion in the Schedule of Loss (as required). If you’d like our help and advice, please contact our Pension Loss experts, today.

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