Tax Clearances – Foreign Entertainers and Sportspeople

At Frenkels Forensics Chartered Accountants  we have the experience and expertise to ensure that non-UK resident sportspersons or entertainers and payers are able to pay the least amount of tax by ensuring that you obtain your reduced tax entitlement.

Tax Clearances - Foreign Entertainers and SportspeopleThe FEU is the specialist tax office that handles these cases.  They regularly check on entertainment activity in the UK, and could take action against you for failure to comply with the law.  Our comprehensive advice will protect you against these problems and may well result in some tax repayments too.

Whether you are a non-UK resident sportsperson or entertainer or the actual payer you want to make sure that not only do you meet your tax obligations, but also that you do not overpay your taxes either.

If you are making any payment to a non-UK resident entertainer directly or indirectly for an appearance in the UK, the responsibility for deducting the tax and making payment to H M Revenue & Customs will fall on you, as you are deemed to be the payer.

Our Services
Frenkels Forensics Chartered Accountants can advise in the following areas:

  • Ensuring you obtain your reduced tax entitlement
  • Who falls within the UK scheme
  • Which payments are taxable
  • Which payments are excluded from the scheme
  • The right amount of withholding tax in the UK
  • What books and records to maintain in order to support your returns and calculations
  • The right forms and returns that are to be completed and by what date
  • What tax payments to make to avoid interest charges
  • Enquiries from the Foreign Entertainment Unit of HM Revenue & Customs (FEU)
  • Appeals against FEU decisions
  • Repayment of overpaid UK tax
  • Applications for artiste reduced tax payments where this is allowed

Payments covered by the tax rules include share of tour income, prize money, appearance monies, percentages of box office takings, merchandising rights, film fees, endorsement rights, advertising income, all media fees and TV rights.

The tax rules cover footballers, rugby players, cricketers, athletes, racing drivers, pop stars, musicians, dancers, actors, variety artistes, and teams and individuals including orchestras.

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