Avoiding Guesswork During A Business Valuation

Avoiding Guesswork During A Business ValuationWhether it is a homebuyer looking for a property, a football club looking for a centre forward or a serial investor looking for a business opportunity, one of the most common reasons someone will walk away from a deal is if they feel the seller’s valuation of an asset is too high.

No one ever likes to feel as though they are paying above the odds for something, but nor will a seller want to let something go for less than they believe it is worth. That is why an expert opinion – supported by solid data and careful calculations – will make it far more likely that the two sides can shake hands and agree on a deal.

The forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensics have first-hand experience of this fact having worked on a huge number of business valuations. The company’s skilled forensic accountants can help with business valuations for a range of reasons – whether someone is looking to buy or sell a company, sell their share of a business, or divide up a business because of a divorce or split among the firm’s partners.

By taking a comprehensive view of a business – including its stock, assets, IP, staff, customer base, order book and, of course, turnover – Frenkels Forensics can produce a report that will show exactly how much a business is worth. And in providing a fair valuation that is not subject to the natural bias of a buyer or seller, the forensic accounting services will aid the negotiation process.

A lack of science behind one’s business valuation can often leave you with inflated figures that amount to little more than guesswork. Business valuations rely on skilled accountants using accurate data – that is precisely what Frenkels Forensics prides itself on.

For expert help with a business valuation contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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