Business Valuations Are Key When Partnerships Break Down

Business Valuations Are Key When Partnerships Break DownEverywhere you look in the business world there are partnerships. From small family-run operations through to exciting tech startups, a huge number of businesses begin by two or more people coming together to collaborate on a new project.

However, whether the business partners begin as strangers, friends, colleagues or spouses, it is an unavoidable truth that many partnerships will split over time. A difference of opinion, a falling out or a desire to cash in on what you have got will mean that the business relationship becomes untenable and the partnership breaks down.

In these situations, an individual will usually need to carry out a business valuation, which is something Frenkels Forensics is highly experienced in handling. Indeed, forensic accounting is extremely helpful when it comes to deciphering how much a business is worth because of the complexity of the numbers and contractual issues involved.

Frenkels Forensics has worked a wide variety of business valuations that have arisen as a result of shareholder disputes, divorces, contractual disputes, partnership disputes and negligence cases. Using their technical, forensic and analytical skills, the company’s forensic accountants are able to produce valuations of the businesses concerned – this includes dealing with businesses of varying sizes and complexity including partnerships, limited companies, small family businesses and large companies with operations both here and overseas.

The concept of value can easily become entirely subjective. Should someone grow a business from day one, it is easy to have an inflated view of its worth, which in turn can make deals hard to reach in case of any disputes or attempts to sell the company. Using external experts to quantitatively prove the value of the company can help eradicate this problem and ensure a fair business valuation is reached, which in turn will make negotiations far more fruitful.

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