Personal Injury Claims: Putting A Price On An Injury

Personal Injury Claims: Putting A Price On An InjuryWolverhampton council has paid out more than £1 million in compensation resulting from personal injury claims in the past five years.

This is according to figures obtained via a freedom of information request and published by the Express & Star.

The data shows that in 2014/15 alone £226,067.80 was handed over by the council in personal injury cases. The most expensive payment – £92,500 – went to someone who fell over at a council-owned site, while a person who slipped on snow received a pay out of £22,000. Payments were even made to someone who had their finger bitten by a school pupil and a person who banged their head while zip-wiring.

News such as this about organisations, councils or companies that are hit with large bills because of personal injury claims can often leave people confused as to how the value of the compensation is decided. Frenkels Forensics can help clear this up.

The forensic accountants at Frenkels Forensics are regularly called in to assist with personal injury claims, with the firm often preparing reports that set out the loss of earnings and loss of pension suffered by the claimant. While at first an injury caused by the fault or negligence of another individual might appear somewhat innocuous, when the full picture is taken into account, the actual damage done by the injury can be rather substantial.

Medical bills, time off work, a reduced quality of life, loss of earnings, mental distress or loss of pensions – due to not being able to work regularly to pay into a scheme or because of a fatal accident – can mean that one single injury can have huge knock-on effects, many of which will carry sizeable financial ramifications.

Frenkels Forensics can prepare court-ready reports on behalf of a personal injury claimant – whether they have fallen on ungritted roads, been in a motor accident, or been bitten by poorly behaved schoolchild – to demonstrate the correct amount of compensation that should be paid.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim, contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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