How Can Forensic Accounting Solve The Problems Of The Digital Age?

How Can Forensic Accounting Solve The Problems Of The Digital AgeWhether it is the phone lines of British celebrities or the personal photos of international superstars, hacking has dominated newspaper headlines in recent months.

While irrefutably deplorable acts, these stories are indicative of the fact that criminals today are exploiting the technology that we as a society rely on so heavily. But even though this creates fears over the safety of your digital-self, it also opens the doors to computer forensic investigations, which are becoming increasingly prominent in courts up and down the country.

Let’s face it, the image of a thief wearing a black eye-mask, carrying around a swag bag and sporting a striped t-shirt was never accurate. Nevertheless, any preconceptions we might have about the ways criminals operate are quickly becoming outdated, with the vast majority now involving increasingly sophisticated technological techniques.

These sophisticated methods call for sophisticated investigations, and this is where Frenkels Forensics comes in. These activities, whether it is hacking or online fraud, will leave an audit trail – through computer forensic services Frenkels can analyse all the information stored on a computer to determine what actions were performed, when and by whom.

To resolve many legal disputes, making sense of data is key. The experts at Frenkels Forensics can do just that and then produce the findings in a way that is suitable for use in court.

As society becomes irrevocably intertwined with technology, criminal proceedings and business disputes will logically be determined by what computers tell us. As such, being able to access, analyse and present the information stored on a hard drive is imperative and that is why Frenkels Forensics has built up considerable experience in computer forensic investigations.

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