What Can Frenkels Forensics Do To Assist In A Professional Negligence Case?

What Can Frenkels Forensics Do To Assist In A Professional Negligence Case?After being locked in a 15-year legal battle, a mother has won a £5.25 million professional negligence lawsuit against the NHS for the brain damage caused to her son.

Lawyers have called it the “most significant medical negligence judgement in 30 years”, with Nadine Montgomery being awarded the money having proved that medics failed to offer her proper advice that would have allowed her to deliver her son via a caesarean, which would have avoided him getting asphyxiated during birth, causing cerebral palsy.

Medical cases such as this are some of the most obvious forms of professional negligence claims, which Frenkels Forensics deals with on a regular basis. Owing to the fact that ill-guided advice can have such immediate and devastating effects on one’s health explains why they often make the headlines, but in reality there are a wide variety of situations in which the actions or advice or a professional will cause damage to an individual or business, whether that be financial or reputational.

Whether a claimant needs advice in how to proceed with a professional negligence claim or a defendant requires assistance in protecting themselves against one, the experienced commercial litigation experts at Frenkels Forensics are on hand to help. The knowledge they have in the legal technicalities and associated forensic accounting tasks that are involved in professional negligence not only offers the client the best chance of a result that suits them, but it also provides peace of mind and support in what can often be stressful and complicated times.

From putting a case together through to establishing the financial ramifications associated with negligent behaviour, Frenkels Forensics can ensure a defendant or claimant gets a fair result from a professional negligence case.

For expert help with a professional negligence case contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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