Computer Forensics Is Key To Prosecuting Crime In The 21st Century

Computer Forensics Is Key To Prosecuting Crime In The 21st CenturyA quick scan through the week’s news and there are several mentions of ‘computer forensics’ and the way it is playing a key role in many criminal cases.

Police are increasingly turning to computer forensics – the art of accessing data on computers and finding out information about how and when it was created – to build a case against an individual. Whether it is uncovering planned acts of terrorism or exposing people who have indecent images of children on their computers, this kind of digital forensics work is becoming more and more important in preventing or prosecuting crime.

The rise of computer forensics can be explained quite simply by the fact that we all use computer devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones – constantly in our day-to-day lives. Accessing and analysing the data trial these devices leave behind can be hugely useful in understanding information about a criminal case.

However, it is not only criminal investigators calling upon computer forensics. Firms like Frenkels Forensics have also developed their own expertise in this skill because it is now widely used to settle legal disputes or prove one’s innocence when accused of fraudulent activity.

Frenkels Forensics has computer forensic specialists on hand that are able to carry out a full analysis of computer data and ensure that the evidence produced is suitable for use in court. Specifically, the company’s experts are able to gain access to computers and the files contained within them. By then conducting analysis they can prove precisely how an act of cyber crime – or incident involving some form of digital activity – took place and who was responsible.

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