Court Decision Impacts Divorce Investigations

Court Decision Impacts Divorce InvestigationsA recent Court of Appeal decision could have a major impact on the way investigations into the financial affairs of divorcing couples are carried out.

In the divorce of Lisa Tchenguiz, sister of the property tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz, and Vivian Imerman, Lord Neuberger ruled that the Hildebrand rules – which in the past allowed wives and husbands to secretly obtain, copy and use documents in divorce proceedings – are unlawful.

The Tchenguiz brothers who used to share an office with Mr Imerman must now comply with High Court order and hand back the documents copied from a computer to Mr Imerman.

Mr Imerman’s lawyers claimed it was a ”ground-breaking” decision that will revolutionise disclosure in documents in family law cases.

Divorce lawyers said this will mean that in future any attempt by one side in a divorce case to take documents without permission will result in heavy costs orders or criminal proceedings.

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