Defending a Business Rates Related Fraud

Defending a Business Rates Related FraudOur client was accused of a fraud in which he offered the service of reducing the cost of business rates on a part fee part contingency basis. He had been accused of excessive charges to his clients, which numbered several thousand.

We were instructed as expert forensic accountants during the course of the trial, when our client was facing the prospect of a significant custodial sentence.

As part of our fraud investigation we carried out a detailed statistical analysis of the database of customers and were able to show that our client had a much better success rate of reducing business rates than the Prosecution had alleged.

In our role as forensic accountants, we attended Court and gave evidence on the matter, based on the statistical findings as per our report.

Our client’s custodial sentence, at just over a year, was considerably less than had been anticipated prior to our involvement in this case.

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