Finding A Fair Result In A Fraud Investigation

Finding A Fair Result In A Fraud InvestigationEvery year, millions of people in the UK are affected by fraud, whether it is bank card fraud, identity fraud, online scams or dodgy dealers.

The result is that fraud investigations are now commonplace and Frenkels Forensics has been on hand to help in a great number of cases by providing forensic accounting services. The company’s expert team can assist with many types of fraud investigations, including civil fraud, employee theft, criminal fraud and proceeds of crime relating to fraud.

One example of a fraud case Frenkels Forensics worked on saw the company called upon by a defendant, who had been accused by her employers, a national chain of retailers, of a fraud involving the theft of cash takings. Companies, particularly larger firms, can often suspect employees of putting their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, so cases such as this are not uncommon.

In the case of the shop worker, Frenkels Forensics carried out a fraud investigation by examining the business systems of the employer and traced the daily takings records over an 18-month period. At the end of the investigation the team produced a forensic accountancy report which demonstrated that not only was there significant overstatement in the amounts of money our client was accused of stealing, but there was insufficient evidence that she had committed any crime at all – the charges were subsequently dropped.

In another case, when a defendant stood accused of a carousel fraud to the tune of £15 million, Frenkels Forensics was effectively able to show that many of the tax allegations thrown at the individual were in fact unfounded. In the end the report was able to reduce the amount to be repaid down from £15 million to just £300,000, over a reasonable period of time.

These are examples of how accusations of fraud can often be inflated or even unfounded. Being able to put together a detailed report that shows exactly what the financial costs of someone’s fraudulent behaviour really were is essential in getting justice for the actions – this is exactly what Frenkels Forensics is experienced in doing.

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