Football Hopeful Wins Significant Damages Claim After Career-ending Heart Attack

Football Hopeful Wins Significant Damages Claim After Career-ending Heart AttackRadwan Hamed is not a name that many football fans will know and that’s because the one-time hopeful had his career cut tragically short at the age of just 17.

Hamed had only signed for Tottenham Hotspur nine days earlier when, on 4 August 2006, he suffered a heart attack during his first ever appearance for the north London club. It took 16 minutes for an ambulance to arrive while spectators did their best to resuscitate him – tragically he suffered oxygen starvation and catastrophic brain damage; he never played again.

Now the 25-year-old has launched a £7 million damages claim against Spurs and Dr Peter Mills, the external consultant cardiologist who screened Hamed for heart defects before the club signed him.

Tests since have revealed that Hamed was in fact suffering from the life-threatening condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but the tests never picked up on this problem. Allowing him to play football put his life at risk and when the ticking time bomb that was the young footballer’s heart did give way, not only did his career on the pitch come to a sudden end, his life off the pitch also suffered.

The forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensics often have to step in when a medical negligence, professional negligence or personal injury claim occurs. That is because the financial consequences from these cases can be varied and vast.

Not only do you have the immediate damages and costs associated with the injury or mistake, but the knock-on effects can spread like the ripples in a pond. It is in the best interests of claimants and defendants alike to make sure the loss of earnings figure decided is fair and realistic.

The world of sport highlights more poignantly than most the importance of one’s health for their career; the tragic examples of Fabrice Muamba and Marc Vivian Foe have made that abundantly clear. And so, should the professional negligence of a trusted doctor or football club put a player’s health at risk, the ramifications on their life is massive.

To return to the example of Hamed, not only was the oversight by the medical advisers potential fatal, it has also left him with long-term problems that have impacted upon his quality of life and his ability to earn money in the future, hence the large figure of £7 million.

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