Is There Really A Link Between Oscars Success And Divorces Cases?

Is There Really A Link Between Oscars Success And Divorces Cases?On 22 February the red carpet was rolled out as Hollywood royalty assembles for the 87th Academy Awards. Yet, while the awards are a time for celebration, they also have a notorious dark side – the Oscars curse!

The story goes that those who achieve professional success at the Academy Awards go on to suffer misfortune in their lives. Far from silly folklore, the curse of the Oscars has actually been proven, in one element at least, by Michael Jensen, a strategy professor at University of Michigan; he has shown that any man who wins or is nominated for one of the little gold statues is three times more likely to file for a divorce during their first year of marriage, such is the shift in status and fame that comes with the award.

There are not many things messier than a Hollywood divorce, not only because the people involved carry such a high profile, but also because their respective assets and estates are often so vast that it often involves huge teams of lawyers deciding who takes what in the split. In situations like this, where a divorce investigation is required, it can be extremely beneficial to call upon the expertise of forensic accounting firms.

But of course it is not merely A-list celebs that require assistance in bringing divorce negotiations to a swift resolution; a huge number of married couples have a long list of shared and individual assets, including shared business ventures.

All manner of processes must therefore be completed, including business valuations and a full exploration of both sides’ assets to ensure there are not any hidden properties or investments that have not been disclosed. Only by performing this procedures can divorce negotiations progress towards a fair conclusion.

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