Forensic Accountant For Divorce

Forensic Accountant For Divorce

Forensic Accountant For DivorceA forensic accountant for divorce plays a key role in divorce proceedings. Not only is our work instrumental in assisting in valuing any business related when a marriage breaks down, but it can also ensure a fair outcome by identifying any irregularities that may indicate a partner is not being entirely honest about their financial situation.

At Frenkels Forensics, we have decades of experience in assisting individuals and their legal teams to identify and understand the figures at the heart of divorce proceedings, thereby ensuring the matter is resolved fairly.

What Does Forensic Accounting For Divorce Involve?

Divorce can be a stressful time for all involved, and some of the most hard-fought disputes often arise in relation to the financial settlement. Whilst couples are encouraged to resolve the financial issues arising from their separation between themselves, the nature of a divorce is such that this often proves impossible.

A forensic accountant for divorce provides an invaluable insight into a couple’s financial position. We possess a unique skill set and use our accountancy and auditing expertise alongside exceptional investigative skills, a keen eye for detail and an understanding of divorce law and procedures, to scrutinise a couple’s finances and to assist in valuing the business related marital assets.

Our work regularly empowers clients to reach an amicable agreement with the peace of mind that they are in possession of the full facts. Where the Court’s involvement is required, our work assists the Judge in reaching a decision that is fair and reasonable and ensures an equitable distribution of the matrimonial assets.

The types of work we regularly undertake in the context of divorce proceedings include the following:

• Determining The Value Of The Assets That Are Subject To Division.

The assets that fall to be divided in divorce proceedings are wide and varied, and they can include everything from the family home and savings to pension pots and shareholdings. Valuing those assets can be an incredibly complex task. A forensic accountant for divorce will work closely with the couple and their legal team to identify a couple’s assets and collate the financial information and documentation relevant to each. We analyse the data using a range of forensic accounting divorce techniques and cutting-edge technology to place an accurate value on each asset.

• Identifying Discrepancies In The Financial Information.

The fair division of a couple’s assets can only be achieved when there is complete transparency between the parties. So, when determining the value of the assets to be divided, we do not simply consider those that have been presented to us. Our vast experience of divorce matters enables us to think outside the box and identify any irregularities that may indicate the existence of assets that have not yet been disclosed. For example, a forensic analysis of an individual’s bank statements may give clues about other assets, such as shareholdings, that should be subject to division.

• Asset Tracing.

If we suspect that one party has not provided full financial disclosure, we will identify any undisclosed income and trace any hidden assets to ensure a fair outcome. This sometimes requires an in-depth examination and unravelling of incredibly complex documentation involving trust funds, secret accounts, overseas bank accounts, exaggerated liabilities and shell companies.

• Acting As Expert Witnesses.

Our forensic accountants for divorce regularly attend Court as expert witnesses and assist the Judge in understanding the financial elements of the case. We can act on behalf of just one party, or as a single joint expert. Whatever the basis of our instruction, our overriding duty is to the Court, and our evidence, whilst robust, is always impartial and intended to facilitate an equitable division of the couple’s assets.

What Services Do Our Forensic Accounting Divorce Team Provide?

We can present our findings in a variety of ways to suit our clients’ requirements. Sometimes, our clients require an overview of their financial situation by way of a desktop report, to understand their position and facilitate productive settlement discussions. Other times, a comprehensive, detailed report is required. Our reports are clear, concise and user-friendly, and our forensic accounting divorce team are on hand to answer any questions our clients or their legal team may have about the calculations and conclusions.

We are conscious that many of the clients we meet in our role as a forensic accountant for divorce are going through an incredibly difficult time in their lives. We approach each and every case with the necessary degree of sensitivity, aware of the need to avoid exacerbating an already stressful situation. Our forensic accounting divorce team are efficient, discrete, and get the job done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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“Your report was a herculean task and put us in an incredibly strong position. Thank you ever so much for the work and advice you have provided . The report was clear and accessible and will not hesitate to recommend you all.”


“I am indebted to you for your contribution, and for explaining things in plain English such that even lawyers can understand the issues”


“It was a pleasure working with you on what was a rather difficult case”


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