Forensic Accountants Near Me

Forensic Accountants Near MeIf you are looking for ‘forensic accountants near me’, it is safe to assume that you are involved in a matter which could benefit from the input of a professional skilled in this niche area. Frenkels Forensics provide forensic accounting services to a range of clients, from leading solicitors firms and public bodies to private individuals. Our work covers all aspects of forensic accountancy practice, including personal injury disputes, crime, fraud and business valuations.

How Can Forensic Accountants Near Me Help?

The work of a forensic accountant goes far beyond the remit of traditional accountancy. We look behind the numbers, using cutting-edge techniques to analyse vast amounts of data and collate and interpret the information required to prove our client’s case.

For example, when we are instructed on behalf of a claimant in a personal injury dispute, our forensic accountants quantify the damages due to the claimant, including loss of earnings and pension losses. Our accounting and investigative skills enable us to swiftly and accurately produce complex calculations such as those relating to variables in future earnings.

In crime and fraud matters, our forensic accountants are often called upon to assist in Proceeds of Crime matters when the Crown Prosecution Service is seeking a Confiscation Order in respect of sums it alleges derived from criminal activity. By using specialist technology and advanced forensic accountancy techniques to scrutinise the Crown Prosecution Service’s figures, we often succeed in significantly reducing a Defendant’s liability by proving that a proportion of the amount claimed was made through legitimate activities.

When acting for a client facing a tax investigation, our work focuses on assisting the client to defend any allegations of fraud or impropriety and obtaining the most lenient penalty or the optimum settlement terms. We work closely with our client’s other professional advisors to gather a complete picture of our client’s tax affairs and analyse the relevant data, identifying any that might assist our client’s case. Proper handling of a tax investigation is crucial, and we regularly liaise with HMRC on our client’s behalf, ensuring all data and information are presented in the best possible way.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to add real value to our client’s cases. Far from simply reviewing the financial data, we use logic, creativity and a detail-oriented approach to produce clear, robust calculations that prove our client’s position, often with minimal initial information and in complex circumstances.

We understand that the cost and uncertainty of litigation means that it should be viewed as a last resort. Our calculations are regularly used as negotiation tools when the parties explore alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, playing a crucial role in facilitating settlement. In cases where litigation is unavoidable, our work is instrumental in assisting the Judge to understand the reasoning behind a quantum claim and our client’s position. Our Schedules are accessible and concise and have been referred to by one Judge as being ‘the best’ they had seen.

What Services Do Forensic Accountants Near Me Provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of forensic accountant services and tailor our work to the individual needs of each client. The types of matters we routinely work on include the following:

  • • Personal injury claims
    • Crime and fraud matters
    • Business valuations
    • Divorce
    • Tax
    • Mis-sold hedging products

The types of services we regularly provide include the following:

  • • CPR Reports
    • White Label Schedules
    • Desktop Reports
    • Letters of Advice
    • Acting as Expert Witnesses
    • In-house seminars and training

Where Can I Find A Forensic Acountant Near Me?

Frenkels Forensics is a leading forensic accountancy firm, founded over 40 years ago. Our Head Office is in London, and we have regional offices in the West Midlands, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester, but work with clients throughout the UK.

How Much Does A Forensic Accountant Near Me Cost?

We understand that costs can be a cause for concern for many clients. We offer a free, no- obligation quote at the outset of all matters so you can understand the likely overall cost, and we will provide subsequent updates throughout. We have the tools and expertise required to provide exceptional forensic accounting services in the most cost-effective way. For example, our industry standard ‘Frenkels Calculator’, developed by our own accountants, enables us to calculate loss of earnings and produce complex schedules of special damages quickly and easily. Hours of work are condensed into minutes, and our clients benefit from the resultant costs savings. Furthermore, we have a number of IT specialists in the team whose expertise proves invaluable when existing software is unable to produce the results we require or would mean substantial time needed to be spent completing the task. They regularly develop new software code to address such issues, aimed at reducing the time spent and costs incurred.

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