Forensic Accounting: Assisting in Criminal Proceedings

Forensic Accounting: Assisting in Criminal ProceedingsThe old adage would tell you that ‘money makes the world go round’. The same can almost certainly be said of the criminal world, with a monetary trail often being a key indicator of untoward dealings.

It is unsurprising; therefore, that forensic accounting is so often called upon in criminal proceedings, with prosecutors and defendants alike looking for expert help to uncover the truth behind individual or business finances. Indeed, Frenkels Forensics has a wealth of experience in compiling reports for use by the Crown Prosecution Service.

In cases where we are instructed on behalf of the defendant, a forensic accounting specialist will critically examine the basis of the prosecution’s claim. In some instances, it will be question of proving the innocence of the accused, in others it will be a question of demonstrating the extent of the criminal activity, therefore ensuring that perfectly legal income is not lost.

By producing a thorough, detailed and court-ready report, Frenkels Forensics can isolate examples of legitimate trading which did not accrue from the proceeds of crime, but nevertheless are still often included in the claim made by the prosecution.

For expert help in a criminal case involving any kind financial dispute contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

We can help assist individuals, companies, lawyers, barristers and accountants in conducting a full investigation into accounts to ensure a fair settlement for the prosecution or defendant.

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