Frenkels Forensics Jubilee Quiz Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals who won our Jubilee Quiz:

Perry Hill – DWF Solicitors
Tristan Alder – Fentons Solicitors
Chris Procter – Chaucer Insurance

In Feb 1952 which country announces it has its own atomic bomb? Answer: Britain
Who won football first division in 1952? Answer: Manchester United
Which country played its first test match in cricket in 1952? Answer: Pakistan
In 1952 what was the cost of an average of all houses in the UK? (and for interest 1962 too)? Answers: £2,000 and £2,500
How much did petrol cost in 1952 in the UK.  Please give the answer in current money (ie not pounds shillings and pence) per litre. Answer: Petrol 51d gallon answer to nearest penny is 5p
In 1952 what was the average annual salary in the UK? Answer:£589.59
In 1952 what was the cost of a typical return from flight from London to New York? Answer: £213
How many people died on the roads in 1952 in the UK (in 2010 it was 1,850)? Answer: 5,500
How many divorces were there in 1952 in the UK (in 2010 the number was 120,000)? Answer: 34,000
How much was spent in total on legal aid in 1952 (in 2010 it was £2 billion)? Answer: £80,000
Anagram “Blue maid joined” and became a special occasion (7,7) Answer: Diamond Jubilee

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