Frenkels Forensics’ Valentine Rebus Winner

Frenkels Forensics are delighted to announce that Eamonn Hyland of Churchill Insurance was the only winner our Valentine Rebus.  His £25 M&S vouchers are currently on their way.  Seeing as we only had 1 winner, the remaining £25 is being rolled over to our next quiz, due out at Easter.

The correct answer to Romeo’s weighing problem is as follows:

Romeo should take 1 ring from box 1, 2 rings from box 2 etc.  Then place all 55 rings on the scale.

If all rings are fake then the scale should reach 55 x 1/16 below the expected weight of 55 x correct weight.

To the extent that the actual weight is less than 55 x 1/16 ounces, that is the box ie if the actual weight is 48 x /16 ounces below par then the box with the correct weight is 55 – 48 ie 7 rings so box 7, etc etc.

Many thanks to all who participated in what proved to be a challenging rebus.

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