Ex-Wife Wins Increased Payout

Ex-Wife Wins Increased PayoutThe ex-wife of a wealthy husband has won her appeal to have hear divorce settlement increased.

The woman argued that the previous £5.4m payout was too low after they separated in 2006. The original payment, awarded in March last year, represented 20 per cent of her ex-husband’s £25m fortune.

Judges at the Court of Appeal in London found that she should have half the value of the assets generated during the marriage, which totalled £16 million.

The woman’s ex-husband was the sole owner of a gas company which he sold during the divorce settlement hearing in May 2007 for £32 million.

The appeal judge said that the husband had in fact received £25m from the sale but “dishonestly suppressed the existence of the negotiations” and had given the value of the company as £3 million.

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