Frenkels Forensics Christmas Rebus Winners

Frenkels Forensics are delighted to announce that the 2 winners of the Frenkels Forensics Christmas Rebus were Duane Plant of Cambridge Family Law Practice and Leigh Woodham of Quality Solicitors Burroughs Day – their £25 Marks & Spencer’s vouchers are on the way to them.

The solution to Santa’s light bulb problem is as follows.

Santa should turn on two switches for 5 minutes until the bulbs warm up.  Then he should turn one of the switches off.  Finally he should go to the attic.  The bulb that is on matches the switch that is on.  The warm bulb is the switch that Santa turned on for 5 minutes and then turned off.  The cold bulb is the one that Santa did not turn on.

Many thanks to all who participated.

Please look out for our next rebus due out soon.


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