Ground-Breaking Divorce Settlement

A woman has won £220,000 in a ground-breaking divorce settlement — 22 years after separating from her husband.

They were married only four years before they split up but they never formally divorced.

The woman decided to bring her claim after learning that her husband had secured a windfall by inheriting some money.

After meeting in 1979 the couple lived together until 1982, marrying that year. They separated in 1986, after the birth of one child. After their separation, the husband inherited £120,000 that he invested in property, selling it in January last year for about £1.1 million.

Her lawyers argued that the woman had been financially disadvantaged because of her husband’s lack of emotional or financial support during the marriage and because of his minimal provision for the support of their child after they separated.

The lawyers argued that she needed a fund to provide her with long-term security for housing and pension provision. Her solicitor said that the court had agreed with the woman’s claim and awarded her sufficient to house herself, while leaving enough for her former husband to buy another property.

The court had accepted that the woman did have a “need” and ruled that therefore it would have to be met from the inherited asset — the proceeds from the property sale.

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