Keep In The Clear Following Latest Tax Reforms

Keep In The Clear Following Latest Tax ReformsThe build up to May’s General Election  and the subsequent budget has brought with it the usual toing and froing over fiscal policies, with tax inevitably placed at the heart of all the major parties’ manifestos.

Of course, there are few government policies that have a more direct and immediate bearing on people’s day-to-day lives than tax reform. But within the ever-changing parameters of how much tax one should pay and what on, this already complicated subject can quickly leave an individual or business flustered and in need of help.

At Frenkels Forensics we have the experience and resources to assist both individuals and companies in all types of UK tax investigations. Having the experts on hand who are fully up to speed with tax reforms, both in the aftermath of a General Election and throughout any government’s time in power, is of utmost importance to stay on the right side of HMRC.

Indeed, while some people will face charges of intentionally evading tax, others will face charges for simply getting their maths wrong or missing deadlines. So whether it is tax investigations into tax evasions or tax fraud, PAYE & Benefits, civil investigation of fraud or VAT investigations, the experienced forensic accountants at Frenkels Forensics can offer valuable assistance in tackling the case.

Importantly, in any tax dealings, understanding how HMRC likes to work is pivotal to ensuring matters are brought to a quick and stress-free conclusion. From knowledge on the way information should be calculated and presented to the tax office, through to professional advice on how to proceed with any case that arises before entering into discussions with HMRC, Frenkels Forensics can avoid tax disputes escalating, instead helping individuals and companies to reach an acceptable settlement with HMRC.

For expert financial help with any tax issues contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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