Middle Managers Committing More Fraud

Middle Managers Committing More FraudA recent report by one of the big accountancy firms has shown that middle managers are increasingly turning to fraud and theft – the result of jealousy over high pay among top executives, fear of losing their jobs and the difficulty of hitting targets needed to get bonuses.

More than 40% of firms surveyed said they have been victim of some type economic crime over the past 12 months, from accounting fraud , figures cooked to hit bonus targets and theft of cash.

Middle managers are now committing 47% of all economic crimes, compared with 32% two years ago.

Frenkels have extensive experience of handling accountancy investigations – both on behalf of companies and the individuals accused of perpetrating the crime.  For more information on this or any of our other forensic accountancy services please click here or contact John Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.


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