When Might You Need A Business Valuation?

When Might You Need A Business Valuation?There are a wide range of reasons why someone might need a business valuation.

One trend that is being observed lately is that business-owning members of the ‘baby boom generation’ – those born in the decade or so after the end of WWII – are now looking to sell their companies as they plan for retirement. For some of those born in the 1950s, who are now well into their 60s, the business that they have built over time represents a potentially lucrative windfall for them to enjoy the next chapter of their life with if they can sell it for the right price.

As such, for those entering retirement who might own all or part of a business, a business valuation is extremely useful because it will calculate the exact worth of their business. That might sound straightforward, but often the price tags people attach to their businesses are based on an inflated sense of worth from the owner rather than the cold hard facts, therefore diminishing the chances of a sale being achieved.

Frenkels Forensics uses technical, forensic and analytical skills to produce a valuation of a business. From stocks and assets through to staff and order books, there is a vast number of factors to be considered and calculated, having someone on hand who knows what to look for and how to make the numbers add up is extremely beneficial.

But the example of someone wanting to value their business as part of a sale to fund their retirement is just one of many cases when this service is called upon. There are countless situations wherein a couple are divorcing or a partner in a business wants to sell their share in which it is imperative that a proper calculation of a business’ value is completed – again the experts at Frenkels are experienced in entering the fray and using technical methods to arrive at a fair and well-evidenced figure.

For expert help with a business valuation contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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