Mis-Selling of Hedging Products and Interest Rate Swaps

Our forensic accountancy team is able to assist with the losses arising from the mis-sale of hedging products such as interest rate swaps.

Mis-Selling of Hedging Products and Interest Rate SwapsThese losses include not only those arising from the additional interest charged but also, and in many occasions more importantly, any consequential losses to the business.

Many businesses and individuals were aggressively sold hedging products such as interest rate swaps.  With banks not making clients aware of the full financial implication of the hedging products or the large exit fees or all the range of risk management products available at the time , many businesses and people have suffered devastating losses.

We are able to calculate these losses arising from both the high interest rates and where applicable the impact the hedging products may have had on your business.

By applying our experience as forensic accountants, we are able to ascertain the key aspects that affect the running of any particular business and analyse how they were operating at all key times before, during and after the affected period. We are then able to determine what might reasonably have taken place during the affected period but for the mis-selling and to calculate the losses therefrom.

We recently held a very interesting debate with Veritas Treasury, chaired by Andrew Neale, discussing the Mis-Sold Interest Rate Hedging Products.

Click here to view the debate Highlights and here to view the Full Debate.


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