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Ogden CalculatorFrenkels Forensics confirm that use of the Ogden Tables 7th Edition does not in any way suggest that our Ogden calculator has any official status or is endorsed by the Government Actuaries Department.

The manner in which we have used the Ogden Tables 7th Edition in our Ogden calculator does not breach the Data Protection Act 1998 or the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

To clarify, all of the data and methods utilised in our Ogden calculator are contained within the Ogden Tables 7th Edition which is prepared by an Inter-disciplinary Working Party of Actuaries, Lawyers, Accountants and other interested parties for the Government Actuaries Department and published by The Stationery Office . The information is Crown Copyright and made available to use under the Open Government Licence.

The PDF version of the Ogden Tables 7th Edition can be viewed here.

A certain amount of rounding is carried out during the calculation process. This is as follows:

All ages or time period measurements are rounded to 3 decimal places and take into account leap years (for example: If the period from the birthday before the trial to the next birthday contains 29 February then that year is treated as a 366 day year, otherwise it is a 365 day year).

All calculated contingencies for factors other than mortality are rounded to 3 decimal places.

All calculated multipliers/discounts are rounded to 3 decimal places.

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