Personal Injury Claims

We have a wealth of experience in the forensic accountancy area of personal injury claims including clinical and medical negligence, fatal accidents and pension losses.

Personal Injury ClaimsOur forensic accountancy team are able to deal with the many issues involved in understanding and calculating the losses that arise from a personal injury or clinical negligence claim.  We are also frequently instructed to prepare pension loss reports.

In our role as forensic accountants we can prepare reports and calculations setting out the loss of earnings, loss of profits, or loss of pension suffered by the Claimant. Some of the issues that come to light are whether to present the claim as a fatal accident claim (i.e. waiting until the Claimant dies) or as a lost years’ claim (i.e. whilst they are still alive.)

Our personal injury work relates to a wide variety of matters including, road traffic accidents, accidents at work, medical negligence, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority cases, and harassment and racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Pension losses are a key head of damage and we advise on these cases regularly, often as a Single Joint Expert. This has led to us being instructed on pension related cases involving disputes over defined benefit or defined contribution schemes, employers giving incorrect details as to employees’ pension entitlements and loss of the value of pension rights where employees are dismissed or made redundant.

We have also been instructed as expert forensic accountant on several cases involving mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer of that most commonly affects the lining of the lungs and is almost always the result of exposure to asbestos.

We are able to provide CPR compliant reports, short-form desktop reports or unbranded loss of earnings schedules only (white labelling).


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